Dear Yuletide Author

Thank you so much for joining Yuletide, and for offering to write in these fandoms! My letter is ridiculously long, but if you already have ideas on what to write, please just ignore this, and write that! I'm hopelessly easy to please! And in any case, even before you write anything, please know that I'm already completely happy that you love some of my beloved fandoms too!

Though, there are these things that generally make me uncomfortable: deaths/breakups that aren't in canon, non-con/dub-con, relationship problems that aren't resolved, fic that is unrelentingly dark /emo/sad (mostly dark/emo/sad is totally cool, so long as there is hope at the end of the tunnel!). If you're gonna smut it up (and I'm very okay with that! Write a 1000 word PWP, I will love you for it!), I'm good with most kinks, but prefer not to read fic with mpreg, scat, beastiality, watersports (this is just from a quick browse of kink-bingo's tags, so I suppose anything that's there and not here is okay).

I'm so sorry this journal is empty, but I'll make it up to you by writing a REALLY REALLY long letter! And if you're curious to know what sort of fic I read, my bookmarks on AO3 are here, and my delicious bookmarks are here (the ones I particularly like are marked awesome, or great). Hopefully, this makes things easier for you, or at least gives you some great fic to read, which makes everyone happy, right? ^^

Anyway, I'd just like to say right off that optional details are totally optional. I fall in love with fandoms for their characters, so as long as there are familiar faces in the fic, I'll be happy! And I'm sure you chose to write in these fandoms because you're full of love for them too!

Provost's Dog - Tamora Pierce )

Hunter x Hunter )

Derkholm series - Diana Wynne Jones )

Witch Hunter Robin )

Thank you thank you thank you, dear author! Sorry you had to wade through all that, but it's all optional, seriously! I'm just so full of love for these fandoms, and so thankful you're going to write it! Thank you!

Also, if we've been matched on a fandom where my prompts and squeeing is giving you a complete headache, and you're despairing because the other fandoms all look SO LONG, you have options! I mean, I know I'm overflowing with love for characters and plot, but if you're at a complete loss, a 1000-word PWP would honestly be very, very appreciated (and if you want some inspiration, smut-fics I love are bookmarked here). Or make it a fluff-fest; X character spends a perfectly ordinary day doing perfectly ordinary things with the one they love (inspiration here, or here)!

And, if you're still at a loss, I'd like to point out that dabbling in the Derkholm series just requires reading one book (Year of the Griffin, which can be torrented bought online in ebook format!). Also, that while Witch Hunter Robin is a 26 ep anime, you can get away with just watching the first four eps, and also that it can be torrented bought with english subs. Also, that Hunter x Hunter scanlations are easily found, only chapters 128-184 deal with the greed island arc,  and quite frankly you can skim anything without Gon and Killua both in it. Provost's Dog...well...okay, I'll admit it's pretty long, could just read the first and third books? Or just the third? ...or just the first? Or just the second?

With much love,



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